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What to Expect

Mental health treatment is not one-size-fits all and neither is the mental health admissions process. Our no-cost assessment will determine what level of care that you, your loved one or your patient will need in order to get the appropriate treatment for their specific needs. 

The CHANGE Model


  • Assess your safety needs and stabilize crisis
  • Determine the level of care appropriate for your needs
  • Provide a comprehensive treatment plan
  • Pharmacological and/or behavioral interventions


  • Recognize you are not alone
  • Decide/Prepare to make a change
  • Receive education regarding your diagnosis and symptoms
  • Realize you are capable of producing a desired result


  • Collaborate with family/support systems
  • Identify and access community resources
  • Learn to manage your medications


  • Acquire coping skills for effective life-management
  • Embrace positive people in your life
  • Reevaluate unhealthy relationships
  • Implement positive changes in your daily routine


  • Welcome opportunities for change in your life
  • Seek solutions to specific life-stressors
  • Maximize your strength areas in tangible and meaningful ways


  • Set goals to prevent and manage regression toward old behaviors and thought processes
  • Finalize your safety plan; prepare for reintegration to the community
  • Embrace continued success