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What to Expect

Reaching out to ask for help is the first step to recovery; however, it is not always the easiest. This is why our admissions team is here to guide you through every step of the process. The need for treatment may not arise at the most convenient time, which is why patients can be referred, assessed and admitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Following a confidential assessment, our expert clinicians identify the most appropriate type of treatment program and a referral is made to the program that is determined to best fit your individual needs.

In addition to Laurel Ridge’s inpatient hospitalization, the facility has daytime treatment programs that offer a variety of scheduling options. Each patient’s needs are different, so programs are designed to meet those needs with varying duration. The partial hospitalization program serves as a transitional step between an initial crisis and re-entry into daily living activities which allows a patient to move between different levels of care throughout the treatment process.

Laurel Ridge’s comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs are tailored for patients of all ages and are fully accredited, state licensed and Tricare/Medicare certified.

Call 210-491-3591, 800-624-7975, or Fax 210-491-3554 TO LET YOUR RECOVERY BEGIN TODAY.