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Virtual Urgent Care Clinic

Laurel Ridge Virtual Urgent Care is a walk-in service for people ages 5 and older with mental health conditions who require same day outpatient psychiatric services.

Our mental health urgent care treatment model is designed to provide assessment, stabilization and psychiatric intervention for people ages 5 and older who are in need of urgent psychiatric services for mental illness by a multidisciplinary team that includes licensed therapists and experienced medical professionals.

This mental health clinical program is designed to ensure people are linked to the least restrictive and most appropriate level of care that promotes their continued recovery.

The virtual psychiatric urgent care also serves as a means of diversion from the use of emergency departments or hospitals and can initiate the involuntary commitment for people who require emergency detention.

At Laurel Ridge Treatment Center, our Behavioral Health Urgent Care programs provide a secure and healthy environment where healing and recovery can begin through behavioral health services.

  • We will start with an initial screening to collect basic information such as demographics, insurance, and the reason for the patient’s visit. A member of the administrative team will use that information to register the patient.
  • Once the screening is complete, a licensed mental health professional/assessor will meet with the patient to complete a mental health screening that includes an assessment of the client’s presenting problem, a suicide/homicide assessment, and the patient’s goal for treatment.
  • The assessor will give the patient instructions about the next steps in their care. Once the patient is deemed appropriate for Urgent Care services, the patient will be referred to see an urgent care Psychiatrist, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or another member of the medical team.
  • The medical professional will determine the patient’s treatment plan to include medication management. Following the visit with the medical professional will refer the patient for continued care services.
    • The patient may be recommended to engage in a same day psychotherapy session to provide brief, solution focused, therapy to address identified symptoms and environmental contributors to illness, or the patient will be referred to an outpatient program/provider.
  • After the patient’s treatment is complete, the patient will be checked out by their assessor who will provide them with a summary of their visit, and schedule any necessary follow-up appointments.

VUC Process

  1. Patient completes online check-in and requests an appointment time.
  2. Patient will complete an initial screening.
  3. Patient meets with a licensed mental health professional/assessor for a mental health screening to include:
    • Symptoms
    • Risk assessment
    • Functional status
  4. Once the patient is deemed appropriate for urgent behavioral health care services, the patient will meet with a medical professional who will determine the patient’s treatment plan to include medication management.
  5. The medical professional will refer the patient to continued care services to include: an hour of brief, solution therapy with a licensed clinician, an outpatient program, or community outpatient provider.
  6. Client checks out with their assessor to coordinate continuation of care in the community.

In case of a medical emergency, psychiatric crisis, or if you are at risk of harming yourself or others, CALL 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.

If you need to reach us immediately, call us at 1-210-491-9400.

Licensed mental health care professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you or your loved one from our location in San Antonio, Texas.

To schedule a no-cost assessment or for more information, please call 1-210-491-9400 or use the form below. Walk-ins are welcome, and appointments can also be made. We respect your privacy and hold all information discussed in the strictest confidence.

This form is for general questions about Laurel Ridge Treatment Center services, programs and admissions and IS MONITORED DURING NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS ONLY. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, DO NOT use this form.

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