Mental Health Services

Laurel Ridge Treatment Center provides acute crisis stabilization services for children, adolescents, and adults as well as residential treatment for children and adolescents (on gender-specific units). We have mental health programs for at-risk youth, and we accept most insurance carriers as well as CHAMPUS/TRICARE®.

Specialized Services

  • Bilingual/bi-cultural residential services for Spanish-speaking children and adolescents
  • Residential services for adjudicated (court-ordered) adolescent males and females
  • Reality Oriented Physical Experiential Services (ROPES) course
  • Acute crisis stabilization for all ages


Laurel Ridge’s Charter School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Located on the campus, the school is provided jointly by San Antonio’s Northeast Independent School District and Laurel Ridge Hospital. The K-12 academic program includes a regular education and special education curriculum to meet the needs of our patients. Children and adolescents in the acute program continue academic studies during hospitalization. They remain enrolled in their home school and complete homework assignments. They receive daily tutoring. Progress reports are sent to the home school so they can resume their normal academic schedule upon their return.

Art, career choices, and home/family living are available electives. GED preparation and testing and vocational training are also offered.