Chemical Dependency Rehab

The Laurel Ridge Chemical Dependency Rehabilitation Program is for adults 18 and over. The program not only promotes the recovery of the chemically dependent adolescent but also the family.

Laurel Ridge Treatment Center offers several treatment options, depending upon the patient’s physical and psychological needs.

Families are an integral part of the treatment process and are encouraged to participate in the program so that both patients and families learn appropriate, healthy ways of coping with life and changing behavior patterns.

Three Phased Approach

PHASE 1– Medical Detoxification

A physician assists each adolescent in the medical detoxification phase to systemically withdraw from addicting substances. Some adults will need medications to prevent physical complications during detoxification. Intense 24-hour nursing care is a key element of medial detoxification. Full therapeutic process begins as soon as the physician determines that the adolescent is physically capable to participate.

PHASE 2– Primary Rehabilitation

Items we address with each patient during the second phase of treatment:

  • Introduce/integrate the 12-Steps
  • Assess and meet psychological needs
  • Establish a referral network
  • Help overcome the fear and isolation associated with addiction
  • Assist in becoming a productive member of society and the workforce

PHASE 3- Relapse Prevention

The relapse prevention phase supports long term sobriety. Adults explore and manage relapse warning signs through lectures, videos and self study assignments. Adults learn the skills needed to maintain their sobriety and develop a therapeutic relapse prevention plan prior to discharge by sharing experiences and exercises.

Dual Diagnosis Track

Dual diagnosis describes clients who have an ongoing disease process characterized by more than one diagnosis. Since chemical dependency and other disorders often walk hand in hand, it is not uncommon for a client to enter one of our programs seeking treatment for an addiction only to discover that they have a second disorder. Up to 70 percent of chemically dependent individuals may suffer from undiagnosed and untreated secondary diagnoses. Laurel Ridge provides medication management and individual counseling for a wide range of mental, personality and behavioral disorders.

For More Information

If you have any questions about the Chemical Dependency Rehab Program contact us at (210) 491-9400 or (800) 624-7975.